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About Us

In the Beginning:

The Walnut Grove Missionary Baptist Church, (formerly known as Little Walnut Grove Missionary Baptist Church), was probably established a few years after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. Our forefathers, under the leadership of the Reverend Celab Barker, organized The Little Walnut Grove Missionary Baptist Church, having neither land, money or building material. The church was located at it's present location which was known as a "Brush Harbor" around the year 1871. Under the "Brush Harbor." 
The Church continued to worship God and their faith grew and spread throughout the community.

On August 17, 1886, one acre of land was purchased for twenty-five dollars from Mr. T.H. and E.P. Manson. The purpose of this land was to build a church and school building out of logs. The school was located next to the church. In 1921, under the leadership of Reverend John Coleman, a new church was erected and church services were held there for fifty-five years. The church was remodeled several times thereafter, and a separate Fellowship Hall was built.

Dr. Leroy Burgess was called to pastor the church in 1976. Under Pastor Burgess' leadership, the former church location was built on December 1976. In 1991, the old church was remodeled yet again. Shortly after, The Walnut Grove Outreach Ministry was established to assist needy persons in the Clarksville and Fort Campbell area. On July 22, 1995 The Walnut Grove Alcohol and Drug Teaching Ministry was opening to rid God's children of their addictions. Both ministries care for the spiritual and physical needs of all those who seek help at no charge.

In 1993, due to the growth in the membership, the former sanctuary was enlarged to seat approximately 500 worshippers and other new additions were added. In 1994, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ blessed us to purchase twenty-seven acres of land to build our present church that seats approximately 1200 worshippers.

Walnut Grove Missionary Baptist Church is a full service church where all teaching is strictly from the Bible. We offer approximately 25 Christian services to the community. On July 21, 1998, new ground was broken for the new existing building to accommodate the needs of the church. We are following the commandments of God. The Church is also involved in Missionary work throughout the United States and overseas.

Dr. Carl Livingston was called to Pastor the Church In Feb 2003. Pastor Livingston has lead the ministry to new growth in the Spirit and in the Word.  He is a passionate gospel preacher and teacher who blends the Bible with intellect, humor, and practicality to convey the serious message of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Pastor Livingston also places a tremendous emphasis on the Great Commission and Great Commandant.  He Encourages the people of God to pursue souls for Christ and to love one another.  In addition, Pastor Livingston has added nine new ministries and more than 200 members have joined under his tenure.  He has also led the church in five renovation projects and is presently constructing a plan to lead the church to becoming debt free.  

We are located at 1616 Walnut Grove Road Clarksville TN 37040 931-648-9655...

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